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For the rabies clinic, pet import/export permits, abattoir & agricultural inspections.

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The Department of Agriculture seeks to develop sustainable agricultural production to promote measures of self-sufficiency and food security for the Cayman Islands.

The Department is proud of the role we play in the lives of our farmers by providing essential support and social intervention. Our focus is assisting farmers in achieving sustainable growth, along with providing support and solutions to farms throughout the Cayman Islands, and by doing this we have created a Farmers portal, for their farming needs.

Our employees are ready to assist with answering your questions or concerns about your home garden, farm, pet travel, livestock emergencies, inventory, plant and animal import, dog pound and more.

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Agronomy Crop Production & Agronomy Livestock Production



Agronomy Crop Production & Agronomy Livestock Production

Abbattoir Services

Abbattoir Services

abattoir facility and service for the slaughter and dressing of livestock for human consumption in compliance with the regulations and departmental standards.

Veterinary Services

Veterinary Services

Provide ambulatory medical and surgical service to farm animals including after-hours emergencies. Regulate the importation and exportation of animals and animal products.

Animal Welfare & Control

Animal Welfare & Control

Responsible for monitoring and assisting with the prevention of cruelty to animals.

Import / Export Animals

Import / Export Animals

All dogs & cats entering the Islands must be accompanied by an Import Permit issued by us. All pets leaving the island must be accompanied by an export permit.

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