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The Cayman Islands Department of Agriculture provides an abattoir facility and service for the slaughter and dressing of livestock for human consumption in compliance with the regulations and departmental standards. In preparation for slaughter, the following should be noted:

  • All livestock intended for slaughter are required to be rested for 12-24 hours at the abattoir holding pen prior to slaughter.
  • The fifth quarter (head, feet, liver, kidneys, etc.) must be picked up by the client on the day of slaughter.
  • Delivery of carcass/meat is free of charge.

To arrange for slaughter services, persons should call 345-926-2212/ 947-3090.

Provide your name; telephone number; type and number of livestock that needs to be slaughtered; the preferred date for delivery of carcass/meat and where should be delivered to.

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