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Agricultural Health Inspection Services (AHIS) (Plant Protection & Imports)

Regulate the importation and exportation of plants, plant products and aggregate to prevent the entry and movement of plant quarantine pest. Administer plant health programmes to:

  • detect and prevent the entry, establishment and spread of new plant pests
  • identify, manage and control existing plant pests

Promote the safe use, handling and storage of pesticides and of the regulation of importation and distribution of these products.

Call 946-2967 or email for general queries, plant permit forms, etc.

AHIS operation:

  • Issue plant import permits and phytosanitary export certificates
  • Inspection of imported live plants and cut flowers sea arrivals in reefer containers at importers place of business at cost according to the Fee Schedule Regulation
  • Inspection of Cut flowers and live plants from air arrivals at  CBC Warehouse
  • Inspection of plants and animals products at the ports of entry and the importers facility
  • Inspection of Pets and large animals
  • Monthly sentinel site monitoring and pest sample collection
  • Collection of Pest specimen to contribute to the National Official Pest List to meet the obligation of the IPPC
  • Treat, secure and prepare seized products for destruction at DEH incinerator facility
  • Inspect and issue phytosanitary certificate for pallet export
  • Tephritic fruit fly monitoring and control program

Call 946-2967 or email for general queries, plant permit forms, etc.

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